Current Projects

Persuasion in Social Media

In this project we are investigating the properties of discourse between multiple individuals and how these properties affect the structure of their communication.  In 2012 Walker et al. introduced the internet argument corpus (IAC) to address these issues. The IAC is a large collection of online discussions from online debate sites such as, and These discussions unfold more like verbal dialogues where relatively small pieces of information are presented for others to respond. The mutual understanding between participants is updated incrementally as information is added, refined or rebutted. This project examines how various types of language and discourse actions, such as opinions, facts, sarcasm and insults, affect the ability to persuade the community participating in the discussion.

Relevant Publications

Reid Swanson, Stephanie Lukin, Luke Eisenberg, Thomas Corcoran, and Marilyn Walker. 2014. Getting Reliable Annotations for Sarcasm in Online Dialogues. In the 9th Edition of the Language Resources and Evaluation Conference, Reykjavik, Iceland, May.